Pineapple Express – The Epitome of Relaxation


As the pineapple express auto feminized plant is an Indica-dominant breed, most of its features are similar to the Indica strain. Although the origination of most marijuana strains is unknown, the pineapple express herb is rumored to be the offspring of Trainwreck and Hawaiian. It is one of the popular varieties of marijuana. To grow marijuana and have your cannabis garden, you can buy the seeds online. You can find many dispensaries around the United States and Canada that offers pineapple express seeds for sale. You can find out more about the different factors that influence the growth of this variety of marijuana by browsing online.

Properties of pineapple express
People using the herbs of pineapple express would be familiar to its taste and aroma. Such kind of herbs has an exceptional citrus-pepper aroma. When used, some pineapple express herbs taste like pineapple, where others have a combined taste of lemon, wood, and spices. The variety of cannabis strain contains a high amount of tetrahydrocannabinol, which helps in reducing inflammation.

The impact of pineapple express can be different from one user to another. The fact is that when you are using cannabis, it is not just about getting high. Users want to get relaxation and safely enjoy themselves. Hence, most users want to get their hands on high–quality marijuana at all times.

Factors influencing the growth of cannabis
Many crucial factors affect the quality and worth of the pineapple express. The fact that it is a feminized and hybrid variety ensures its potency. You will never have to compromise on quality if you use the pineapple express. This variety can reach a height of almost 140 cm within nine weeks.

Selecting a suitable space in your garden is one of the significant decisions that you will need to make. The location is important, especially when you plant these marijuana strains directly in the ground. Make sure that the marijuana plants receive direct sunlight for as long and as much as possible. If your plants receive a continuous flow of breeze, it can trigger the flowering stage.

Protect your cannabis
When growing marijuana, you also need to consider their security and privacy. You will want to keep them out of reach or notice of your neighbors and potential thieves. Fences and boundaries can help you protect your marijuana garden. Planting pineapple express in containers is also an excellent idea for shielding these plants from view.

Suitable soils for better growth
Heavy clay soils dry up very fast and do not hold oxygen well. Hence, clay soils are not ideal for growing cannabis. You need to prepare your ground before planting the marijuana seeds. Dig large holes and mix the soil with manure, compost, worm casting, and fertilizers before placing the marijuana plants. High-quality fertilizers help in adding nutrients for the plants.

Sandy soil is appropriate for the growth of cannabis. It drains well and retains the moisture content. However, it does not hold nutrients well, especially during the rainy season. Compost, coco coir or peat moss binds the soil together and accelerates the flowering stage. During the summer months, make sure that the land gets sufficient water to prevent the roots from getting too hot.