Tips To Choose The Right Wardrobe For Your Bedroom

Bedroom Wardrobe

One of the most significant things in a bedroom after a cozy and comfortable bed is the wardrobe. A big challenge while selecting a wardrobe is striking that balance of style coupled with functionality. Who would not have drooled over those fancy bedrooms with stylish wardrobes on home improvement magazine covers, Lifestyle Wardrobe solutions in Perth have designs that can give you that elegant look.

According to some surveys by, there is a significant percentage of people who do not have a wardrobe at home, only because they cannot decide on what to buy. Before finalizing on any wardrobe list down your preferences and also ask these questions.

How many people’s clothes are to be stored?
How big a wardrobe can you buy, do you have that much space in your room?
How many drawers will you need?
Is a separate shelf needed for shoes?
How much hanging space do you need?

The size of the wardrobe:

You should always decide on the size of the closet not only by your requirement but also on room dimensions. So first measure the space that is available and then based on it look at the various aspects of the wardrobe that fits into your room. Make sure to have enough space around it so that you can open and close the door without squeezing yourself into the closet or hitting things around it. If you have a small room, think of using as less floor space as possible by going in for vertical options.

Wardrobes come in two, three or 4 doors. They also come in various depths, heights and widths. The wardrobe should be able to blend in your room, do not pick a huge wardrobe for a small room or a small one for a big room.

Type of wardrobes:

Sliding door:

If you have a small room, the sliding door is the best option as you will not need that extra space to open the door. With sliding doors, the doors move from left to right or right to left; they give a stylish look to the room as it also comes with a mirror attached to it.

Wardrobe with drawers:

You might look at these type of closets if you have a lot of accessories. The drawers can be fitted on the bottom, sides or at the center of the wardrobe.


These are designs that optimize space and fits around in different angles. The drawback is that it is expensive when compared to other types


These are wardrobes which can be moved around the room, this type is especially useful for people who move houses frequently.

Style of wardrobes:

Based on the room’s walls, interiors, flooring and furniture you can decide on the wardrobe material and colors. For a contemporary look, go for glossy or mirrored ones. For a traditional look, go for wooden wardrobes which can give an antique look.

Whatever be the kind of wardrobe you purchase to make sure to research all options and styles and see to it that it serves your requirements. Take time to choose your wardrobe as it is a longstanding investment.

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