Things To Consider While Buying A Wall Gun Safe

Identifying the right gun safe is a stressful task, but it can be made easy. You can find all the answers to finding a wall gun safe here. Many consider a safe to be a thin metal box, but there is more to it. Safety is the top priority when it comes to buying a gun safe and a little research can get you close to it. There are some online stores that offer guidance on choosing a gun safe even when they do not have real-time exposure about vaults and safes. Keep shopping until you find the one you have in mind. Choose an experienced hand to guide you through identifying the best safe.

Feel in real
Many prefer buying safes online, though it is a convenient and cheaper option, nothing can equal experience of touch and feel. There are many types of safe available commercial, home, storm shelters and gun safes. Some companies even make customized safe depending upon the requirement of the client. offers a wide range of choice. Also, check for more information on gun safes.

Safe size
Many customers prematurely make a decision and invest in a small safe just to save on money or space. Over a period of time, their requirements grow and they are forced to invest in another safe. If you have thought well in advance, you can save both money and space in the process.

Not all gun safes are the same; each one has a unique purpose. They come in varied sizes and styles. Most of them are not burglary or fire proof. Some of the factors to consider while making a choice include thickness, metal type, locking mechanism and fire proof. Early gun containments were made in glass or wood and it was used to showcase the weapon, there was no safety related to it. Now, the growth in the rate of violence has forced gun owners to protect their weapons from abuse. If safety is your priority forget about thin metal cases and look for safes that have a minimum 11 gauge steel body.

Door construction
The door construction is crucial for the safety of the gun containments. It has to be a minimum of ¼” of solid steel. Secure safes go up to 3/8 or ½” steel plate. Finding a safe with Underwriter Laboratory Burglar rating is an added advantage.

Security ratings
Industry guidelines for the safes are provided based on the value of the content. These can be used for business purposes. RSC rating can hold content up to $5,000, B-rated goes to $10,000, C rated is $30,000, U.L. TL-15 is $200,000 and so on.

Hidden wall safe
Wall safes are not always the best place to store expensive items. It can be easily cut out and removed from the wall. Burglars always look for concealed safe and they will find it quickly. Though, it has fire proof advantage.

Fire rating
A safe with a minimum of 1-hour fire rating is considered safe; anything less than that does not serve the purpose and the chances of survival are minimal.