All About Growing Marijuana Indoors

Growing Marijuana Indoors

Growing any plant has its own set of troubles that you need to deal with to ensure that you have a healthy plant on hand. Similarly growing marijuana also comes with its own set of rules that you need to observe. There are several articles on what you need to grow weed indoors by Plantsily. According to the experts at, you need to have the right equipment to get started.

Growing marijuana indoors will give you better control over the different variables of the plant’s life and help you grow healthier and more productive crops. The different factors that you need to control to be successful while growing cannabis are :
· Grow medium
· Space
· Nutrients
· Light
· Water
· Air
· Monitoring
· Sanitization

If you are planning on growing marijuana indoors, you need to be sure that you have enough space to do so. It is possible to grow this plant in a small container or a 5-gallon bucket to get an ounce or two of marijuana. You can also choose to grow these plants in an entire basement; the choice is yours. However, the more space you invest in for growing marijuana, the more work, money and time you will have to put into it. If it is your first time growing marijuana, experts suggest growing the plant in a small container to get the hang of things initially. Don’t forget to check the local laws before proceeding to grow this particular plan at home.

Once the marijuana plant reaches its flowering state, it will become double its original size. Therefore, ensure there is enough space around the room for it flower when you are growing it indoors. Many people forget to include the constraints caused by lights and even themselves while growing marijuana indoors. Ensure that you factor in these elements before proceeding.

Good potting soil will do well for growing marijuana indoors. It is less expensive and need not have any extended release nutrients either. In case you prefer to add soil additive, some great options are compost, worm castings, bat guano, blood and bone meal, rock dust, peat moss, etc. However, you need to have enough space indoors to mix the soil and soil additives properly to ensure that it is evenly spread out. Many first time gardeners make the mistake of trying to reuse soil. This can be a mistake as the waste product of the plant can build up in the soil and cause damage to future plants.

Buckets work fine as containers for growing marijuana indoors. You can put a few holes in the bottom to help with the drainage and place a tray underneath. However, do not forget to check whether a seal is formed by the bucket bottom and the tray as it can prevent proper drainage from taking place, causing damage to the plant. Make sure that you get a good quality bucket which can withstand the weight of the soil and the plant and be reused many times over.